Foster Wheeler has signed a technical services agreement with Plaxica under which Foster Wheeler will provide engineering services for the global implementation of Plaxica’s low-cost lactic acid technology.

A booking was made in the company’s second-quarter 2014 bookings against a work order issued by Plaxica for the provision of process package engineering services. Subsequent bookings will be made against work orders released by Plaxica.

“This appointment highlights our significant experience with process technology developers in engineering scale-up and the implementation of their commercialisation strategy,” said Robert Penno, Chief Executive Officer, Foster Wheeler Global Engineering and Construction Group.

“Plaxica is delighted to announce Foster Wheeler as a preferred partner for the implementation of our low-cost lactic acid technology, which transforms a wide range of feedstocks into high-value lactic acid via a low-cost chemical process which does not use fermentation,” said Phil Goodier, Chief Executive Officer, Plaxica Limited.

“Our technology, for which we see particular opportunities as a ‘bolt on’ process in the paper and pulp industries, has been proven at demonstration scale at our pilot plant facility based at Wilton in the north-east of England. We selected Foster Wheeler because of its capability, sector knowledge, local presence and global reach. Foster Wheeler will provide Plaxica with engineering resources and skills on specific industrialization projects, extending the capability of Plaxica’s in-house project team.”

Plaxica is a technology licensing company founded in 2008 as a spin-out from Imperial College, London.