For one week in August 2014, 20 specially commissioned performances by visiting artists and local residents were broadcast live from Outlandia, a unique artists’ tree-house studio at the foot of Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain. 

The studio’s remote location makes it a distinctive place to transmit from. It also means that there is no connection to the National Grid and this presented the event organisers with the challenge of getting a temporary power supply to the isolated tree house in order to support the broadcasting equipment. Traditional generators, which rely on diesel or petrol combustion engines, are noisy and this would interfere with the quality of the sound recordings.

BOC, the UK & Ireland’s largest supplier of industrial gases and related equipment, and a member of The Linde Group, provided this unique event with two Hymera generators, each supported by a lightweight cylinder of hydrogen, a perfect solution for its temporary power requirements.

At 45 decibels, the Hymera portable generator is extremely quiet. Incorporating ground-breaking hydrogen fuel cell technology that produces electricity, it’s also environmentally friendly, producing water as the only by-product.

Stewart Dow, Product and Market Development Manager – fuel cells at BOC, said, “Remote Performances is a unique and exciting event and BOC is extremely pleased to support the broadcasting of the artist programmes and performances. The Hymera generator can be used anywhere from a street corner to a mountain top, and Outlandia is a wonderful example of its flexibility.”

Michael Umney, Projects Manager at Resonance 104.4fm, commented, “Without BOC’s Hymera one of the key logistical requirements of this epic project would have been impossible to fulfil. As radio broadcasters we need quiet, reliable and portable power generation. The Hymera was the first product we found that offered the long run times of a fuel powered generator without the high noise levels which would have compromised broadcasts from the wilderness. It has proved reliable, economical and I’ve been excited to discover and work with a cutting edge, low emissions solution to an apparently intractable problem.”