Following the change of company name a few months ago, NOXERIOR announces that its new company web site has been online since the end of July 2014.

“Our new website introduces our products and services in a simple but very effective way to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for,” said Laura Ammiraglia, the company’s Marketing & Sales Director.

“Its lay‐out and graphical quality reflect the quality standards we apply for our unique nitrogen and oxygen generators and instrument air packages. Besides, our new company video can be watched on the new website as well.”

“We paid special attention to the various nitrogen and oxygen applications for our generators on the new website.”, added Oscar de Groen, President of NOXERIOR. “Normally our customers know very well why they need nitrogen or oxygen for their processes, but have limited or no experience with the benefits the on‐site generation of these gases could bring them. Based on a market presence of more than thirty years, NOXERIOR can supply important and unique gas application consultancy, which is expressed by indicating the company’s specific know‐how and experience for each nitrogen and oxygen application.”

NOXERIOR focuses on all aspects of the non‐cryogenic on‐site generation of nitrogen and oxygen; it helps customers to reduce their expenses for nitrogen and oxygen by offering a customised solution based on either PSA or hollow‐fibre membrane technology. The unique and patented technology applied for the company’s NITROSWING® and OXYSWING® modular PSA generators have set market standards in terms of flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Beside its standard generators it also supplies specially designed and engineered instrument air, nitrogen and oxygen generation packages according to the specifications of the customer.

The company was formerly known as IGS Italia s.r.l.