After successful completion of several months of testing and trial runs, three Siemens gas turbines were recently handed over to Dow Stade at Dow’s new cogeneration power plant.

The cogeneration plant is part of the energy concept for the Dow chemical site located in Stade, Germany along the Elbe river and contributes to secure and highly available power supply for the entire site. The installed capacity of the plant is 163 megawatts (MW).
The Siemens scope of supply comprised the planning, manufacture, factory testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of three SGT-800 industrial gas turbines as well as one SST-600 steam turbine. Handover of the steam turbine is scheduled for October 2014. Besides electricity, the new cogeneration unit will also supply process steam for the production processes in the chemicals complex.

As part of the cogeneration site, each of the three gas turbines is connected to a downstream, supplementary-fired heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), which feeds steam to the existing steam turbine as well as to the new steam turbine. The heat recovery steam generator is fuelled with natural gas and hydrogen produced in the production process.

“For Siemens, this confirms that we’re offering the right products for a sustainable and economical energy supply. Our gas turbines enable electricity to be generated extremely efficiently and with low emissions”, said Wolfgang Konrad, CEO of the Distributed Generation Business Unit at Siemens. “We are happy with the cooperation with Dow Stade and also pleased to ensure that the power plant meets high standards for performance, availability, and reliability.”
Accident-free execution of the project had the highest priority both for Siemens and for Dow. A “zero-accident”-oriented safety policy was therefore strictly applied throughout the project. The results of this common safety approach: No employee suffered an accident.

The Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine combines a robust, long service-life design with high efficiency and low emissions. Hence the turbine is excellently qualified for gas turbine and combined cycle applications in simple cycle and cogeneration plants in the industry, in refineries and in the oil and gas industry. More than 250 turbines of this series have been sold worldwide and this fleet has accumulated more than three million equivalent operating hours (EOH). With up to 60,000 EOH between major overhauls, low maintenance costs and an excellent heat rate, the life cycle costs for this turbine are very competitive.

The versatile Siemens SST-600 with its wide application range has been installed in more than 77 countries all over the world. The reliable SST-600 has been delivered since 1974 and in the meantime has undergone a number of design enhancements that have led to improved efficiency and shorter startup times. The single casing turbine with front steam admission is designed for operation at speeds ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 rpm for generators or mechanical drives up to 150 MW. The turbine is used for both condensing and back-pressure applications.