Cleanergy today announced that its GasBox has been chosen to generate electricity from low-quality methane gas emitted from two major landfill sites in Poland, following a successful pilot project earlier in the year.

An industry first, Cleanergy’s GasBox – the centrepiece of its CHP system – has been specifically developed to generate electricity and heat from low-quality methane gas produced by the decomposition of organic matter at the 2,000+ landfill sites across Europe, most of which are more than 10 years old.

Methane is a major greenhouse gas that warms the earth’s atmosphere 20-30 times more than CO2.  Many landfill sites choose to flare the methane they produce as the resultant CO2 is less damaging to the environment. However, at these Polish landfill sites the methane was released straight into the atmosphere rather than being flared.

Cleanergy’s GasBox was deployed at the Regional Centre of Waste Management in Domaszkowice in Poland in August. This 25-hectare landfill site closed in the year 2000. Since the installation of the GasBox, the electricity generated has been used to power equipment and to heat and electrify buildings at the site.

Following this success, Cleanergy’s CHP system has also been deployed at the Waste Neutralisation Enterprise in Sulnówko, a 7.5-hectare landfill site.

Anders Koritz, CEO at Cleanergy said, “This is yet more proof that our system really works for the landfill marketplace. We developed our GasBox to meet a specific need – a complete CHP system that can run on low-grade methane gas. Sure enough the industry response since our launch in June has been amazing. People managing closed landfill sites across the world finally have a way to use their waste methane – both to generate revenue and to decrease the environmental damage of methane.”

The European Union Landfill Directive of 1999 states that flaring is only an option if it is impossible to extract energy from the methane gas. But up until today, older landfill sites have often broken these directives because the gas combustion engines traditionally used at newer landfills where methane levels are above 40% simply cannot produce electricity from lower grade, ‘dirty’ methane.

Cleanergy’s GasBox addresses this specific problem and is the only technology able to produce both electricity and heat from a methane gas concentration down to 18%. This biogas is produced from manure, food waste and plant residues at landfill sites as well as at waste water plants and on farms.

Installed inside a modular container, Cleanergy’s GasBox is an autonomous and flexible sterling engine unit. Also inside the container is a real-time power management system with remote access; a fuel pipe; plus a heat and electricity connection to a house/factory/warehouse with optional grid functionality.

With an ROI of just 3-5 years, Cleanergy’s GasBox is already commercially deployed at several locations in Norway, Slovenia, Sweden (in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency) and the UK.