A joint information campaign on organ donation has started for the Westfalen group, with the launch of an initiative called ‘no panic for organic’ in cooperation with the transplant centre at the University Hospital Münster.

“Together, we want to get the issue out of the dark corner of the reservations and inform people properly, for organ donation can be important for all of us and one of the most important issue in our lives, when we ourselves need a donor organ,” explains Dieter Kemmerling of the initiative no panic for organic.

The decision to actively engage in the information campaign, came to the Westphalia group after only a brief discussion. “The company sees cooperation as part of its social responsibility . Therefore, we support this action of great conviction,” says Helge Wego, spokesman for the Westfalen Group.

“We are very happy that the group supports us for such a sensitive issue,” stated the campaign’s initiators, Prof. Dr. Norbert Roeder, medical director of UKM , Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmidt , Transplantation Representative of UKM , and Dieter Kemmerling of no panic for organic.

A total of 11,000 patients are on the waiting lists and, every day for three people, the waiting time is too long. In 2013, there were unfortunately only 876 organ donors, the lowest number of donors on record since laws began. It, therefore, requires great efforts in order to achieve an improvement on these numbers and improve the situation for Germany.

Due to the high footfall at the 260 gas stations in Westphalia North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony around 150,000 guests now have the daily opportunity to be informed and get involved on the subject and join. The more who do join, the less that people will have to wait for organs.