Cryogenic tank manufacturer Auguste Cryogenics SK s.r.o has augmented its presence in Europe after acquiring Taylor-Wharton International’s European Operations outfit.

Auguste Cryogenics will acquire a cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturing facility, Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o, and the related warehouse and office complex of Taylor-Wharton Germany GmbH in the takeover.

Bobby Cushman will lead the new unit in his role as President but is keen to keep Taylor-Wharton’s legacy alive in the continent, “Taylor-Wharton’s global identity had been deeply rooted in the strength of the European manufacturing team. While we intend to transition the name to Auguste Cryogenics, we are not going to rewrite the history of this great company.”

The mission of the newly restructured business will focus on reinvesting in nimble processes and smart innovation to better serve its customers.

Strategic services

Through the acquisition, Auguste Cryogenics will procure positions in two strategic European locations; both Slovakia and Germany.

The company will continue to produce bulk and microbulk cryogenic storage vessels and modular piping skids from Taylor-Wharton Slovakia’s manufacturing hub as well as acquiring the company’s strategically located packaged gas distribution centre in Husum, Germany.

Auguste Cryogenics will produce portable and stationary gas products and large bulk vacuum insulation pressure vessels at the 12,000m3 Slovakian facility, which has the capacity to design and build to the majority of pressure vessel codes used in the global marketplace.

General Manager Alex Soltis explained, “Slovakia has become recognised worldwide for the exceptional quality of its products while maintaining competitive manufacturing rates. We intend to be in a position to grow with our customers and to serve their needs in an evolving market.”

It is understood that all Taylor-Wharton employees have been retained will the facilities continuing to operate whilst undergoing a name change to Auguste Cryogenics.

”While we intend to transition the name to Auguste Cryogenics, we are not going to rewrite the history of this great company”

Bobby Cushman, President

This is the latest acquisition in a busy 12-months of divestments for Taylor-Wharton, with Air Water Inc. acquiring all the shares of its Malaysian business in February and Worthington Industries acquiring its CryoScience business in November 2015.