Due to recent developments regarding Covid-19, its impact across Europe and on international travel, gasworld has reshaped its Europe CO2 Summit 2022 event, which will now take place virtually on 9th March.

Our original line-up of high-profile speakers will now be participating digitally as we explore A Supply Chain Fit for 2030in the volatile CO2 (carbon dioxide) business.

With the CO2 supply chain never far from the headlines and the recent UK shortages still fresh in the memory, there isn’t a more affordable or accessible way of gaining insights into how this market can move forward and make such vulnerability a thing of the past.

Will the sustained high natural gas prices continue to wreak havoc on the fertiliser business and, in turn, the CO2 supply chain in Europe? What alternative means of supply can we embrace and how quickly can they be realised?

Find out in less than a month – book your ticket for the Virtual Europe CO2 Summit for just €149.

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Hot topic

Given recent high-profile shortages in the UK and government-supported remedy packages, the CO2 business is once again a hot topic.

Yet the same challenges are recurring issues for this market and supply chain, and prompt many of the same questions. How can the market diversify and forge a more stable future?

CO2 market

Further still, against the backdrop of Green Deals, the decade of clean fuels and the race to Net Zero, the question is how can the CO2 (carbon dioxide) business position itself as fit for the 2030s? How can we ensure we have a supply chain diverse and resilient enough to cope with the demands of today, whilst maximising the opportunities of a global environmental agenda of tomorrow?

gasworld’s CO2 Summit 2022 will present the view from 2021, the outlook for 2022 and beyond, and strives to answer many of the searing-hot questions surrounding alternative sourcing routes and technologies.

Topics will also include purity considerations for these new supply chains, an update on applications and the world of dry ice, and more.

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