gasworld returns to Budapest, Hungary next month to deliver its Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2022, and will do so with the European Commission confirmed on the agenda.

Peter Handley, Head of the Energy-Intensive Industries and Raw Materials Unit in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Growth, will speak during Session 1 of the Summit and address the topic of Energy & Resource Security in Europe.

He joins a panel comprised of Argus Media to discuss the geopolitical and economic landscape in Europe, and Ukraine-based energy leader DTEK, which will discuss Ukraine’s place in the region’s energy sector and the benefits it could bring to the continent.

DTEK’s participation was confirmed long before the current conflict in Ukraine began. it now takes on even great significance, if not symbolism in the context of the ongoing war.

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A Renewed & Redefined Europe

Finding and leveraging opportunities for growth was the underlying theme of gasworld’s previous two conferences in Europe in 2015 and 2016, when a very different market existed.

Six years on and those opportunities clearly exist in abundance across Europe, not least at the hands of an impressive investment climate in clean energies and decarbonisation. Yet with those opportunities come challenges, while there are also growing calls to action around resource and energy security across the continent.

This has been a prominent talking point for the last two years as global supply chains have been strained at the hand of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subject of de-globalisation has resurfaced in some regions, including Europe. It’s now a heightened conversation given the current conflict in Ukraine that threatens to throttle oil, gas and energy supplies and pricing as a result.

There couldn’t be a more pertinent time for discussion around the European market’s resource security and energy dynamics, with gasworld’s Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2022 focused on its theme of A Renewed & Redefined Europe.

Held on 26-27 April at the New York Palace Hotel in Budapest, the Summit will cover topics including: 

  • Energy & Resource Security in Europe
  • Geopolitics & the Economic Landscape in Europe
  • Financing the Green Transition
  • Mobility: The Journey to Alternative Fuels
  • Green Air Gases – Decarbonising the Backbone of the Industry
  • Circular Economies: Biogenic CO2 Potential

The event is already confirmed to welcome some of the biggest names in the European industrial gases business – and beyond – as keynote speakers, with exciting announcements to come in the days ahead. Speakers currently confirmed are: 

  • Peter Handley, European Commission
  • Argus Media
  • Natalia Grebeniuk, DTEK
  • Karina Kocha, gasworld Business Intelligence
  • Kevin Lynch, Anova
  • Tim Evison, Messer Group
  • Michael Blondin, Chart Industries
  • Curtis Stubbings, Chart Industries
  • Piet Tel, Cryonorm
  • Andreas X Muller, Linde Gas GmbH
  • Christopher Carson, Carbonic Solutions
  • Patricia Lorton, Worthington Industries
  • Gabriele Zeilerbauer, Worthington Industries

For more information on the event and how to attend, with tickets selling fast, visit


Meet the speakers

With a progressive agenda confirmed for the Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2022, here we take a snapshot view of one speaker from each session at the event.

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Peter Handley, Session 1

Since September 2017, Peter Handley has been Head of the Energy-Intensive Industries and Raw Materials Unit in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Growth.

He was previously Head of the Resource Efficiency Unit at the Secretariat-General, where he was responsible for coordination of Energy Union, 2030 climate and energy package, low-emission mobility strategy and the circular economy.

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Karina Kocha, Session 2

Having joined gasworld from the gases industry itself in April 2018, Karina Kocha oversees the Business Intelligence (BI) department. gasworld BI is the primary service for acquiring business information and analysis on a global scale about the industrial gases market.

Before joining gasworld, Kocha enjoyed eight years working for Air Liquide Russia within strategic marketing activities; market research; business intelligence, and business development. Earlier in her career, Kocha spent two years with The Nielsen Corporation – the global measurement and data analytics company – in the position of a research executive, being responsible for high-quality design, execution, and delivery of global analyses, performance dashboards, and analytical studies.

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Tim Evison, Session 3

Founded in 1898, the name Messer has been associated with innovation and expertise in industrial gases and related fields for 120 years. Today, Messer is the world’s largest family-run specialist for gases.

Under the brand ‘Messer – Gases for Life’, the company markets products and services in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Its 11,200 employees collaborate in a family business that focuses on diversity and mutual respect, and which in 2021 generated total sales of €3.5bn.

Tim Evison is responsible at the Messer Group for the development of the clean hydrogen business and, more generally, for the company’s progress towards its ESG objectives, not least the decarbonisation of its activities.

He has been with Messer since 1991 and is a member of the group’s Senior Advisory Board. He is also a member of EIGA’s Regulatory and Environmental Council, at which the topic of lifecycle assessment of CO2 emissions has risen in importance for the gases sector.

Piet Tel, Session 4

With over 27 years at Cryonorm, of which over 22 years have been spent as managing director and owner, Piet Tel is the CEO of Cryonorm today and focuses on business and product development for air gases and the natural gas industry.

Under his guidance, Cryonorm has developed itself from component to complete system supplier with production companies in the Netherlands, Hungary and the US.

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Christopher Carson, Session 5

Chris Carson is the Founder and Principal Director of Carbonic Solutions BV, a specialist CO2 (carbon dioxide) consulting firm founded in 2015, which works with clients to develop CO2 recovery projects and better understand the dynamics of CO2 supply chains and markets.

Carbonic Solutions provides services related to all aspects of CO2 recovery and sales, from plant design to equipment/vendor selection, plant installation and operations, quality control, and commercial contracts.

He is also the Managing Director of BioCarbonics Limited, a new CO2 start-up in the UK which supplies food/beverage-grade CO2 solely from biogas and other renewable sources. BioCarbonics has established a new supply chain model for the CO2 industry in the UK, focusing on security of supply through developing a network of multiple small CO2 sources instead of one or two very large, complex plants.

Carson’s background includes experience in the oil and gas industry as an engineer, international business development for a Dutch-based plastics packaging company, and 15 years working with CO2 and other industrial gases within BOC & The Linde Group. Before leaving Linde in 2015, Carson was responsible for the development of new CO2 sources for Linde’s EMEA region.