Industry analysts of gasworld’s Business Intelligence Team have outlined the growth potential within East and West Europe in their latest series of European ‘gasreports’.

The newly published market reports provide up-to-date and in-depth analysis of the industrial gas market in the region.

These new reports examine Europe’s economic trends, industrial gas supply structure, market structure in terms of demand for gases, macro-economic influences and drivers, future market forecasts, as well as looking at the companies operating within each country and the overall investment potential. Prepared by the gasworld Business Intelligence team, research has been conducted by specialist consultants examining each country in depth. Each report contains a 15-year history and five-year forecast of the respective gas markets.

Potential market forecasts have shown that European growth has recently improved, with the increase in GDP coming in at 1.3% in 2014. Europe is home to a population of approximately 750 million, the third largest in the world and accounts for 6.8% of the Earth’s total land area. The European Union is the world largest single market economy and European trade accounts for around 20% of global imports and exports.

The European industrial gases market is currently valued at around $17bn, accounting for over 20% of the global industrial gases market.

The European gasreports aim to support future business and strategic decisions by providing timely and valuable data, helping companies assess the region with the most up-to-date information available. The reports also detail the end-user analysis, helping to discover future opportunities within this sector.

gasworld’s Business Analyst, James Barr, recently discussed his findings at the company’s Europe Industrial Gas Conference that took place in May, 2015. At the event, Barr gave firm encouragement about the growth potential in East and West Europe, concluding that the gases industry “needs to work and be innovative at carving out growth in the years ahead.”

Barr said, “The high-growth markets of Eastern Europe offer a wealth of opportunities for new companies to enter these markets. Much of the existing capacity will soon need replacing and the potential for captive-to-onsite conversion is impressive.”

If you want to expand your business or investigate the potential in Europe, these gasreports provide vital information that will allow organisations to make an informed decision on the region in question. Available in a format to suit your needs, gasworld’s analysis is compact and precise and easily digestible across all departments.

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