Vienna-based refrigerant company, Retradeables, has been launched as Europe’s first used F-gas marketplace.  

As the only European online platform that provides a viable circular economy of used refrigerants driven by a market mechanism, Retradeables offers a sustainable alternative source for refrigerant supplies.

Built from the EU funded project, Life3R, Retradeables works in accordance with EU policies, the Green Deal, a Circular Economy, and the Waste framework or F-Gas regulation to promote the economically feasible recovery of market-distributed used gas stocks.

Circular use has an important role to play in the reduction of the lifecycle’s carbon footprint through HVAC-R use, especially as F-gas supply is phased down and capacity of high-performance F-gas is constrained.

Wim de Schacht, Vice-President of Daikin Europe, said, “2021 brings challenges to our society, as we strive to meet increased customer demand whilst complying with stringent environmental regulations.”

“Retradeables is an example of the sector collaborating to increase used refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclamation, in other words creating the circular use of refrigerants across Europe, supporting the European Commission’s goal of Carbon Neutrality by 2050.”

This circular economy of used F-gas works by the promotion of their recycling, reclamation, and reuse before re-entering the market. These used F-gases are captured within the market and ensures that gas supplies are reused.

Professor Karellas, Project Partner and Professor of the National Technical University of Athens, said, “We are delighted to be part of Retradeables, as we believe the online trading portal has a valuable role to play in the growth of the circular use of F-gases across Europe.”

“Retradeables is a user-friendly solution to make the circular use of refrigerants a reality for all participants, developing the reuse of existing gas stocks, to reduce carbon emissions.”