Eurotainer US, Inc. held its first Technical Day for invited clients. The focus was on hands-on and interactive sessions that are not commonly and readily available.

The event was held at the Wells Fargo Center, home of Philadelphia’s professional hockey and basketball teams. An unforgettable half day event for customers at they were able to see, touch, operate, and explore the different tank containers that Eurotainer leases worldwide. The focus was on hands-on and interactive sessions that are not commonly and readily available.

Clients came from the Philadelphia/New Jersey area but also as far as North Carolina for the event. They had the extraordinary opportunity to meet many members of the global Eurotainer team, which included key Technical personnel representing all our different offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Eurotainer team members flew in from China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, The Netherlands, Russia and France, and Brazil in addition to our team from the United States to participate in this event.

Key tank container components and parts suppliers were also in attendance and were an integral part of the sessions and were available to answer any and all questions.

A diverse collection of tank containers were on site for review and operational instruction:

  • Cryogenic tank containers for carriage of air gases like argon, nitrogen, oxygen, LNG and other gases.
  • Refrigerated tanks for the transport of temperature sensitive products
  • Gas tank containers for the transport and storage of liquefied gases
  • T22 type tanks used for the delivery of corrosive, highly hazardous, PIH/TIH products
  • A special lined tank for the viewing and inspection of a wide variety of linings.

In addition a number of sessions were held with Eurotainer personnel and vendors:

  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) videos – clients watched Eurotainer representatives utilise this technology to demonstrate loading techniques on a tank container and learn more about this tool that Eurotainer uses to manage modification projects on our equipment.
  • Introduction and demonstration of various valve types and tank container components. Industry experts talked about and demonstrated the latest innovations in valving including pneumatic valves, thermometers, level gauges, bursting discs, fire safe vales and other new products. Key suppliers representatives from Fort Vale and Perolo delivered valued information to our clients on these subjects.
  • Temperature controlled systems and representatives from the Klinge Corporation, an OEM for refrigeration and heating systems on tank containers and other assets.
  • Gaskets and sealing - Representatives of Virginia Sealing Products (VSP) discussed the importance of having the right match between product, tank and gasket. Clients learned about the latest product developments in gaskets and the importance of proper bolt torque.
  • Linings – In addition to a tank with a variety of linings displayed, Carboline Company discussed its offering and the levels of chemical resistance the various linings provide.