Mumbai based CNG cylinder manufacturer Everest Kanto Cylinder (EKC), in the gasworld headlines recently regarding its encouraging Q2 performance, has commenced manufacturing operations in China.

The development sees the company now actively manufacturing in a fourth country, adding the plant China to three already in operation in India, one in Dubai and a further plant in the US.

The $25m plant was built in Tianjin and has a capacity of 200,000 CNG cylinders per year, as well as 3,000 for tube trailer applications, accoridng to media site NGV Global.

The tube trailer business for EKC received a boost this year with the purchase of US based CP Industries, which EKC Director Puneet Khurana reportedly says has given EKC a big advantage in the Asia and China markets.

Khurana is also believed to have said that the new plant can currently produce Type 1 cylinders from 20 litre to 3000 litre capacity, with Type 2 cylinder production expected to commence in 2009.