Everest Kanto Cylinders (EKC), pioneers in the development and production of industrial and CNG cylinders, has announced plans to set up a manufacturing facility in China.

The company is also in talks with a partner in Iran to set up another manufacturing facility, with both projects operating on a joint venture basis to cater for the increasing demand of cylinders for CNG based vehicles and other applications.

Puneet Khurana, director of EKC said, $quot;In April, EKC formally signed an agreement with Congzhou Gas of China to form a joint venture company called Hebei EKC Industries to set up a cylinder manufacturing unit in China. EKC will be a majority stake partner in the company. In addition we are in talks with an Iranian company to set up a manufacturing facility in Iran too.$quot;

The project will mainly cater for the huge market in China, where there has been a spurt in the use of CNG for vehicles.