EWM AG, a German manufacturer of arc welding technology, has opened a location in the city out Tours, France. The facility opened on 4th April (2019).

The new location will provide service and product training, demonstrations and welding support for France’s welding technology professionals.

“There is a tremendous amount of interest in France in innovative, future-orientated welding technology,” said Stéphane Lemair, Manager France for EWM AG.

“We can win companies over by delivering the highest quality, with recommendations from satisfied customers with our guaranteed promise: three years for welding machines and five years for rectifiers and transformers – with no operating hours limit, even in three-shift operation,” Lemair continued.

The new location has a team of ten in charge of sales, demonstrations, training and back-office functions.

The newly formed team in France functions as a technology partner to welders and metals companies, tradesman firms and industrial producers, providing support and developing complex arc welding technology solutions.