Gases and engineering company BOC has today announced the new EWM Xnet welding monitoring software is now available in Australia for use on selected EWM welding machines.

The Xnet welding workshop monitoring software solutions allows companies to record and track data from each of their welding machines in real-time, also giving them access to all historical weld information. The Xnet software is available for use with all EWM high-performance welding machines.

Patrick Fenemor, BOC Application Sales Engineer explains as the exclusive distributor of EWM welding products in Australia and New Zealand, BOC is pleased to be offering businesses a user-friendly factory software that gives workshops the ability to connect and track performance of all their EWM welding devices in one centralised hub.

He said, “Users can easily identify inefficiencies in welds and when maintenance of welding machines needs to occur – ultimately helping them make savings and improve productivity.”

“Each machine can be connected via WIFI or LAN cable to the centralised hub, giving each welding machine its own IP address. Xnet also lets users monitor each machine’s wire and power consumption in real-time.”

“Consumption data recorded by EWM Xnet gives users a breakdown of how much wire and power is being used by each machine daily, weekly and monthly, as well as how many hours each machine is being used and on standby - allowing companies to accurately identify the volumes of consumables used on a project, how long a machine is on for and also how long it is not being used” said Fenemor, adding, “Xnet also gives welders a true and complete record of what volts, amps and program they are using, ensuring that the integrity and compliance of the weld is maintained. Xnet is also able to calculate heat input in real-time to make sure that finer grain steel welds retain their strength even after the weld is made.”

Companies using Xnet are able to easily access historical welding data to prove that welds produced are meeting industry regulations and standards.

BOC is the exclusive distributor of EWM products in Australia.