Hydrogen has enjoyed a high profile this season, particularly across Northern Europe. And with attention turning towards the Middle East courtesy of the Middle East Industrial Gas Conference 2011, it seemed apt to speak to Calvera Maquinaria SL - a company fusing the two focus-points as they bring internationally certified hydrogen solutions to the flourishing region.

The Spanish firm, Calvera Maquinaria S.L., is an established expert in hydrogen systems benefiting from more than 35 years of experience in the sector. Indeed, since September the firm has been figurative in the European Eureka Eurostar project. The project aims to develop an unparalleled hydrogen transport solution – a trailer equipped to transport H2 at 500 bars.

It then came as no surprise recently when the firm announced plans to expand into emerging regions. As hydrogen, the en vogue gas, grows in popularity and demand, the firm is rolling-out its high quality, safety conscious products beyond Europe and into to the Middle East and South America. Furthermore, Calvera pledges to do so whilst paying heed to high safety standards.

Rafael Calvera explained, “Our strategy is to locally manufacture the same quality product at the same global certification that we manufacture for Europe and the United States. Our aim is to be closer to our customers so that they may benefit from our hydrogen design experience."

Calvera continued, "All our storage and transportation systems are internationally recognised. To guarantee this our offering will meet all international legislation and standards, even to ADR level although it is not mandatory in the Middle East yet.”

The company is already an established European player, with major tier one industrial cohorts Air Liquide, Linde, Air Products and Praxair among its client list.

But high standards are made all the more easy to meet thanks to the company’s new facility. Located at its Saragossa headquarters, the unit manufactures offshore racks, skids, cylinders and tube trailers for hydrogen tailored storage systems. Calvera describes its offering as whole; the company is able to facilitate design, manufacturing, assembly, certification and testing.

Back at its home turf in Spain the company is part of the council of the Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon; a private, not for-profit entity created to promote the use of hydrogen as an energy vector. Similarly, Calvera takes an active role in schemes such as the SPHERA project; whose aim is to develop new energies with hydrogen to replace unsustainable and environmentally harmful energy sources such as fossil fuels.

Calvera will be exhibiting alongside its competitors at this year’s Middle East Industrial Gas Conference 2011, at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai.