Founded in 2017, deutraMed is a Canadian deuterium-focused specialty chemical supplier that offers products with a wide range of purities and packaging options.

Also known as heavy hydrogen, deuterium gas has many applications, including uses in the high technology and life science sectors. Traditionally, deuterium is used in the form of heavy water as a moderator in nuclear fission reactors to slow down neutrons.

deutraMed has grown to offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the increasing demand for deuterated innovations globally.

The company has worked hard to customise its solutions since its founding  based on customer feedback with regard to packaging, purity, and delivery options.

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Source: deutraMed

To find out more about the company, its product offering and what it has been working on so far this year, gasworld took the time to talk to Robert Clark, Vice-President of deutraMed.

gasworld (GW): Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about what deutraMed is currently focusing on?

Robert Clark (RC): After refining our operations to provide deuterium gas for the global fibre optic market, we are now focusing on creating custom, higher-grade products which cater to research and semiconductor industries.

We are strengthening our in-house quality control and assurance capabilities as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and a high-level service for our clients.

GW: Can you tell us more about deutraMed’s product offering?

RC: deutraMed offers deuterium gas in competitive purities and packaging options, as well as other custom deuterated intermediates and precursors which we can develop in-house or with our customers in the form of contract research projects.

deutraMed is capable of fulfilling customer packaging and shipping requests. The company is quick to react to market demands and is able to work with our clients to deliver custom solutions to reach their strategic growth milestones.

GW: Can you tell us more about the industries deutraMed is involved in?

RC: Due to its unique physical properties, deuterium gas has many applications, including uses in the high technology and life science sectors.

There are a variety of benefits that come from using deuterium in semiconductor and fibre optic manufacturing rather than hydrogen due to the physical and chemical properties of deuterium.

GW: What has deturaMed been working on this year?

RC: deutraMed has been working on expanding each of its business segments to offer products and solutions covering a wider range of requests. While we have been continuously improving our gas-specific product, we also have an abundance of talent in-house to boost our contract research capability.

We are currently in the midst of planning our facility expansion which is something we are very excited about. With more space, we will be able to further develop our products on a larger scale to continue to meet the growing demand of the industries’ economy.

GW: How has deturaMed been affected by the coronavirus?

RC: The pandemic challenged how we approach our business and demonstrated our resilience. We hold the safety of our employees and customers as paramount, so we have revamped our administrative and operational processes accordingly.

In doing so, we have had an opportunity to improve several processes and services. Overall, we are stronger as a team, and more capable of working with custom requests.

We are proud that we were able to continue to ship globally and support our clients due to our excellent logistics capabilities.