Analox Ltd Group has formed a new subsidiary company to introduce a new range of products.

The UK-based gas sensor specialist launched Genius Gas Innovations in 2018 to focus on a product range more aligned with process monitoring.


Source: Genius Gas Innovations

“Analox is all about safety and protecting and preserving life and we didn’t want to make the Analox message unclear or confuse the brand and ethos of the company. So we decided to create a new division,” explained Becca Dodds (left), Business Development Manager at Genius Gas Innovations, exclusively to gasworld at its recent Asia-Pacific conference in Kuala Lumpur.

“This is why Genius Gas Innovations has been created. Our focus is ‘Innovation in gas analysis’ and the target customers are gas manufactures, medical gas analysis, agricultural research and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).”

Also based in the UK, the company is currently concentrating on two products which will be released later this year:

  • Venus Solo - a gas filter correlation (GFC) bench available in gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and methane. Genius Gas Innovations says this sensor is ideal for integration into OEM products.
  • Venus Pro – an analyser capable of measuring up to four different gases simultaneously. It offers a digital display, outputs and datalogging and can use a selection of GFC benches, paramagnetic, zirconia and electrochemical sensors. It is used for applications including: gas manufacturing, medical, biogas, military and emissions.

Genius Gas Innovations is currently productionising its first builds of the products for an Italian partner.

GAS INNOVATIONS Genius 2019 Image

Source: Genius Gas Innovations

The opportunity to launch the new range of products came when the company Analox bought a vital part of its Military Submarine Atmosphere analyser from got into financial difficulties.

“We used to buy the carbon monoxide GFC bench for the analyser from ADC Gas Analysis. When we heard ADC’s business was sadly in trouble, we tried to buy the business as a whole. Unfortunately, this didn’t make financial sense so in the end we bought their IP and we now have the rights to manufacture and develop ADC’s entire product range,” Dodds explained.

“So originally, we were doing this to solely secure our military sensor, but the more time we spent on the project we realised there was potential for a business here.”

Looking to the future, Dodds said the company has a five-year plan to build a £5m business which specialises in difficult gas detection and solving customers gas sensing challenges.

She continued, “When people choose to work with us, they will get expert advice and high-quality gas sensing solutions. Whether you want to ‘check, protect or comply’ we can help.”

“As well as our COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) products we will also be taking on project work as this is where our speciality is. We will work with customers to find out what their challenges are for gas analysis. We will then apply our expertise and work closely with the customer to design, develop and manufacture an analyser which will solve these challenges.”

About Analox

Analox began in 1981, predominantly serving the commercial diving market. But due to the rise and fall of the oil prices, the company needed to diversify into other markets to maintain a steady business.

The UK-based business has three divisions:

  • Analox Sensor Technology (AST), which operates in commercial diving, beverage, labs and breathing air markets.
  • Analox Military Systems (AMS), formed in 2010, which suppliers forces around the world with lifesaving products, such as Submarine Atmosphere Analysers
  • Genius Gas Innovations, launched in 2018.