In a world that is currently feeling the effects of a devastating pandemic, it is arguably now more important than ever to stay connected, whether that be with friends, family, customers or other business contacts.

It’s such connection that cylinder and bulk tank specialist Cyl-Tec is hoping to achieve with the launch of its new gas and unit converter mobile app which combines a gas convertor, a unit calculator and a Cyl-Tec product guide all into one.

An app, however, is nothing new to Cyl-Tec and the company has in fact being running its main application since 2014. To find out more about this initial offering and the company’s new add-on, gasworld sat down and spoke exclusively to Sally Turner, Cyl-Tec’s Marketing Manager.

“Our first mobile app was launched in 2014,” she said. “At that time, we were going through a company rebranding phase and we wanted to offer more digital solutions to our customers. The app was one component of those changes.”

“Key features of the app were basically three-fold: a gas converter, a unit converter, and a section listing specifications and model comparison charts for Cyl-Tec products.”

“We felt that combining calculators for both gas and unit conversions, plus having easy access to our product lines, would greatly benefit distributors who needed to determine the size of tank installations right in the field.” 

“This latest phase of development – that we just launched in Jan 2021 – has been to perform a complete rebuild of the app’s code using current technology and to update all of the Cyl-Tec product specification information.” 


Source: Cyl-Tec

gasworld (GW): How will this brand-new app enhance the Cyl-Tec brand?

Sally Turner (ST): Starting as a cylinder re-qualification facility, Cyl-Tec has been in business since 1991. Over the past 30 years, we have greatly expanded our product lines from HP steel, aluminium, and acetylene gas cylinders to portable DOT, BevCarb, cryogenic vessels, small and large bulk tanks, cryo repair services, specialized valves, telemetry, manifolds and cradles.

The Gas and Unit Converter mobile app is just another offering in our ever-expanding product line. It’s a powerful tool that gives our customers instant gas and unit calculations and quick access to Cyl-Tec product specifications they need in order to perform equipment installation or a job quote.


Source: Cyl-Tec

GW: How will the app benefit Cyl-Tec’s customer base?

ST: The Cyl-Tec Gas and Unit Converter mobile app is a free tool that combines calculators for both gas and unit conversions – plus provides quick access to Cyl-Tec product lines and model comparisons. This combination tool app greatly benefits gas distributors who need to compare specifications, sizes, and capacities of cylinders or tanks and quickly determine proper sizing of a particular installation right in the field.


Source: Cyl-Tec

GW: How long did it take for your development team to create the new offering?

ST: The rebuild project lasted about one year. We began looking for a qualified development team in Jan 2020 and launched the final product in Jan 2021. We wanted to give our app’s interface a more modern design and to allow easier updates to the gas / unit calculation data and Cyl-Tec product information.

The developers rebuilt the app using the latest technology providing easy cross-platform installation options for both Apple and Android users. Plus, they created the best part for me – an online admin product management portal and database that allows me to instantly update Cyl-Tec product model and specification information online in real-time.

We are extremely happy with the final product and think our customers will be too!