Global industrial engineering group Fives has supplied its Cryomec® centrifugal pumps to a new air separation unit (ASU) in Texas.

The ASU project posed an opportunity for the group to build its presence in Freeport, Texas, which stands as one of the largest chemical complexes in the western hemisphere.

“The delivery of these pumps marks a tremendous achievement for the Cryogenics | Energy team who have successfully designed and manufactured this equipment in a timely manner,” Kévin Roschitz, Business Development Manager at Fives tells gasworld.

The delivered pumps by Fives are made with ‘noble’ materials such as stainless steel and bronze. The pumps are designed to handle extremely low temperature liquids through the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow.

“Our cryogenic pumps meet the most demanding specifications of today, especially in process plants like ASU’s, where hydraulic efficiency and high reliability remain the top priorities.”

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Source: Fives

Fives Cryo Inc. was created as a local subsidiary of Fives’ Cryogenic | Energy business back in 2015 in order to strengthen the company’s position in the North American market.

The company has now successfully developed in both the hydrocarbon and industrial gas markets, and has opened a service centre in Cleveland, Ohio, which is dedicated to the repair and skidding of the company’s cryogenic pump line.

“Our target is to continue to develop the hydrocarbon market and industrial gas by introducing additional cryogenic pump projects for various applications and to serve the US with additional customer service support,” Roschitz concluded.