Coined by two friends in 1996, Nuberg Engineering Limited now stands as one of India’s most recognised gas plant suppliers and runs under three separate divisions.

Nuberg: Gas Plant Division (GPD), one of the three divisions, has a key focus on hydrogen through water and hydrocarbons, nitrogen through Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), oxygen through PSA and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA), gas dryer systems and compressed air systems.

Throughout its 23 years in business, Nuberg Gas Plant Division, under the guidance of its Founder and Managing Director V.K. Gupta, has supplied approximately 36 countries and has over 1,000 installations across India. The division acting as a single source of process development, project engineering and construction of plants, gives Nuberg a competitive edge to excel in the gas plant market. 

Nuberg Gas Plant Division, the mothering unit of Nuberg Engineering Limited, was formed as a result of the founders’ background in mechanical engineering and their desire to better the field. The friends’ drive led them to begin supplying onsite nitrogen gas plants through PSA technology under collaboration with CarboTech Gmbh.

After gradually winning orders from steel companies with nitrogen used in furnaces, Nuberg soon became a well-established name in the field of PSA nitrogen generators and then similarly started supply onsite PSA oxygen plants.


Source: Nuberg Engineering Limited

Over the years, along with the steel companies, Nuberg started expanding its customer base in the pharmaceutical industry, FMGC industry, glass industry, chemicals and petrochemicals industry and the textile and fibre industry.

In 2013, the Gas Plant Division of Nuberg Engineering ventured into onsite hydrogen generation units with a main focus on water electrolysis technology, however the company does also undertake hydrogen generation units through methanol cracking, steam methane reforming (natural gas) technology and ammonia cracking.

Due to the success of its Gas Plant Division, especially within the hydrogen sector, Nuberg currently has a main focus point on the global hydrogen industry and now recognises the gas as a core element of the business.

“Nitrogen is being used in every industry and is our flagship product with which we started our inception. Hydrogen is our future. We want to be known amongst the top companies for Hydrogen and Nitrogen Gas Generation units,” Siddhartha Gupta, Director of Nuberg Engineering Limited tells gasworld.

Nuberg Gas Plant Division’s first fabrication unit has been operating since 1996 in Noida, India, and is in NCR of India. The fabrication unit offers inhouse manufacturing of various pressure vessels, reactors, absorbers, columns, heat exchangers, tanks and more. 

As well as developing and growing the hydrogen element of the business, in the future Nuberg hopes to further expand its global presence. In years to come, the company will look to develop across the Europe and the US but recognises that is current focus needs to be on expanding in MENA countries along with South East Asia.


Source: Nuberg Engineering Limited