Founded in 2001, Precise Equipment Company (PEC) made its mark when it developed the industry’s first patented fully electronic automatic manifold, possessing the capability to utilise both liquid and high-pressure gas supplies with a built-in gas leak detection system.

Now with some of the latest technology, paired with years of experience in product design and engineering, PEC has captured the attention of some of the largest gas distributors and end-users such as Conoco Phillips and Pfizer with its product designs.

Today, the Texas-based company launched its new X-Treme Series which serves the industrial, speciality, and medical gas markets, and spoke to gasworld exclusively about the unveiling.

“We are very excited about the launch of the X-Treme Series. The X-Treme Series will bring together an enhanced ease of use and infrastructures to generate significant value for users worldwide,” Dennis Daugherty, President of PEC enthused.


Source: Precise Equipment Company

The Series is a line of fully automatic manifolds which are used where a continuous gas flow is required. The series is also UL / cUL listed, making PEC the first and only company to provide electronic controlled manifolds certified to that standard.

Carefully designed to maximise gas management control, the X-Treme Series allows for more flexible applications and provides users with 24/7 telemetry monitoring capabilities, making its safe, quick, and precise.

“Our product series is based on three distinct markets and gas applications which we define by application and purity of gas used. Each product in the series has the same features; however, we vary the materials of construction according to the market standards and code.”

“Our products can be customised in each market, and customisation is important to us. We probably customise 30-35% of our products to meet exact customer requirements. We’re not reinvesting the wheel, we’re remodifying it.” 

“For example, the higher the automation process in an industrial application requires more sophisticated equipment to keep up. So, for the industrial market we ensure that the process is not interrupted or effected by availability of gas,” Daugherty explains.

“Then also in the industrial market, we find that with users or distributors, the market has the greatest flexibility or demand in changing gas types, such as high-pressure cylinders, low pressure cylinders (“liquid dewars”). Therefore, the X-Treme model has the flexibility to use any gas package as its source.”

In terms on the speciality or high purity market, the X-Treme Series concentrates on ensure that the gas supply is a continuous flow and there is no loss of gas, for example in bio-labs which are a growing culture.

“Bio-labs are a very popular speciality gas application, they need gas coverage on in the incubators continuously, including weekends, so their concern is any loss of product otherwise to avoid starting all over again.”

“A feature of our X-Treme manifold which is therefore suited to the speciality gas market, would be the telemetry and leak detection feature which ensures users are notified before they start losing gas, therefore giving them a sense of security.”


Source: Precise Equipment Company

The X-Treme Series, along with other PEC product lines, also can be used with worldwide power as its unit is set up to be used globally without the need to create a new model.

“The same unit we use here in the US can also be used in England, or even in Peru without the need to change anything. This feature cuts down users’ inventory in terms of what products they need to various locations.”

“With the unveiling of the X-Treme Series, we are providing the market with a fully comprehensive gas manifold system with the flexibility to customise product designs of unique applications as well as access to expertise user application,” Daugherty concluded.

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