Fresh from the successful launch of its engaging series of thought leadership webinars, gasworld TV will this afternoon host the first ever webinar from H2 View, as it brings viewers an exclusive interview with Shell Hydrogen.

H2 View has this week been celebrating its first anniversary.

Launched on 15th July 2019 as a dedicated hydrogen publication to press home progression of a hydrogen economy, the challenges and opportunities it faces and share its exciting vision of the future, H2 View has blazed a trail over the last year as the go-to source for all things hydrogen.

In addition to celebrating that milestone this week, this afternoon sees H2 View break new ground as it moves into its second year with the launch of its own exclusive webinars.

And that offering begins in earnest via an exclusive conversation with Oliver Bishop, General Manager of Shell Hydrogen, to discuss Shell’s footprint in hydrogen, whether its investments in the hydrogen space are as serious as its statements suggest, and what’s required to keep hydrogen moving forward and realise its potential.

Viewers will also learn more about the Shell focus and the company’s take on hydrogen as a central pillar of the post-coronavirus economic restructuring around the world.

H2 Chats with Shell Opening Tile-01

Source: H2 View

The webinar will air at 2:30pm BST at and will be free to view.

More information and registration is available at