Chart China has introduced a large range of MicroBulk products in the People’s Republic, as the company seeks to enhance its services in the Asia market.

Chart launched the largest MicroBulk Perma-Cyl series in the US and China, with the 3000L line.

In China, the Perma-Cyl 3000L series are a purely customer-driven product, consisting of the 3000MP, 3000HP, and 3000VHP models and will expand the MicroBulk product range to enhance Chart’s capability in the Asian market.

According to the Chart Asia Review newsletter, the VHP Perma-Cyl for nitrogen service is currently in high demand with the expansion of the laser cutting market in Asia.

In order to better serve this industrial gas application, Chart has added a vacuum-insulated Bayonet withdrawal pipe to the 3000VHP Perma-Cyl. The addition integrates the Chart Perma-Cyl and VIP product lines to better service customers in the electrical and food industries, while the product will be manufactured at Chart China’s facilities.