November has seen two changes come into play at Worthington Cylinders. Most recently, the North American firm announced a price rise on all aluminium high pressure cylinders. Earlier in the month, Worthington Cylinders also began offering large high-pressure cylinders in North America.
The price change will take effect from all orders shipped on, or after, 1st January 2011. According to Dusty McClintock, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Worthington Cylinders, the 3% increase on all aluminium high pressure cylinders is due to an increase in the cost of raw materials.
He advised, “Our raw material costs have increased significantly over the past several months. Tight supply and stronger than anticipated global demand have led to continued increases in aluminium costs. We are focused on curtailing the increases with continuous improvement initiatives within our plants. However, the magnitude of these increases has made it necessary for us to adjust cylinder prices accordingly.”
Earlier this month, Worthington Cylinders also announced that it would offer large high pressure industrial gas cylinders to the North American market. This range increase materialised on 8th November and the new cylinders have begun being manufactured at the company’s Austrian facility in Kienberg.
The new cylinders extend Worthington Cylinders existing product line by adding three sizes of large high pressure, billet-pierced offerings – HP 220 cu.ft. (2015 PSI), HP 250 cu.ft. (2265 PSI), and HP 330 cu.ft. (2400 PSI). These additions are generally known as ‘asset cylinders’ and are designed to enable efficient transportation and filling.
McClintock explained, “Bringing high pressure asset cylinders to the North American market provides our customers a more complete industrial gas product line. Our manufacturing facility produces a consistent, high quality, billet pierced product which can be finished to customers’ unique specifications, with an industry-leading turnaround time.”