Orthodyne, a leading gas chromatography specialist, has been purchased by Chinese corporation, Beijing SDL Technology Co. Ltd (SDL), becoming its wholly-owned subsidiary and fundamental research and development (R&D) base in Europe.

In a 100% takeover of shares, Orthodyne’s manufacturing facility in Belgium will become SDL’s primary research centre in gas chromatography (GC) and environmental instrumentation for the European market, and will further reinforce Orthodyne’s position as an industrial gases expert.

As such, Orthodyne’s total staff has already increased by 10% since last year and is continuing to grow. The company has plans in place to increase its sales team and services teams in order to be closer to its customers and to keep offering valuable technical support.

It is understood that this deal, which summed approximately €4.15m ($4.6m), has been in the pipeline for some time with the relationship between the two companies spanning back to 2008.

It is a great opportunity for Orthodyne to move through the steps and to move from our original market of industrial gas into the environmental sector also

As part of the deal, SDL, which specialises in analytical instrumentation and environmental monitoring systems, will acquire total shareholder ownership of the Belgium-based business, although the bosses at Orthodyne were quick to outline that it is solely the investor that has changed and not the way the company operates.

Director, Eric Streel, signified, “Orthodyne will continue to run independently here – the investor has changed, not the management.”

Streel will continue to run operations along with Technical and R&D Director, Michel Rikir, who have been at the company for 20 and 35 years, respectively.

Streel outlined the potential that this new agreement brings to his business, “It is really positive for Orthodyne’s future. It was hard to be a family owned company as we are quite small compared to our competitors and we were facing big competition from other global companies. It was always difficult to catch up and be able to invest a lot in development, so we decided to sell the shares to SDL, which then gives us access to more resources.”

Future focus

“It is a great opportunity for Orthodyne to move through the steps and to move from our original market of industrial gas into the environmental sector also. This will be step by step but what we are doing right now will open up the market.”

“The focus of the company for the future is really to become further experts in analysis and GC. The fact that we are able to be the new research centre of the SDL group in Europe makes this focus much easier for us.”

Orthodyne is planning to use its reinforced connection with SDL, which solely serves the Chinese market at present, as a first step and gateway into other Asian markets. The first products from the new combined partnership are set to come to market at the beginning of next year and will incorporate Orthodyne’s products with SDL’s environmental market expertise.

Most recently, Orthodyne has independently released two new products onto the market – the OrthoSmart and the THC8000 – which will both be on display at gasworld’s European conference in Düsseldorf next month. Orthodyne can be found at booth number nine.

Orthodyne's Orthosmart analyser

Source: Orthodyne