Ranch Cryogenics Inc. has announced that it has completed the disassembly of a 120tpd liquefier in West Texas for Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc, match marking all the process piping that was to be salvaged and re-used for re-erection.

As part of the experienced service provided by Ranch, all control valves were carefully removed and packaged for shipment to be re-furbished, while the company also had its rotating machinery specialist on site to prepare the recycle compressor and expander skid for safe shipping.

Trey Duffy, project coordinator, commented, “It was a real accomplishment to come in and achieve what we did in 10 days. I guess when you have an experienced crew and good people surrounding a project, early completion is attainable.”

Ranch designed special saddles for the shipping by truck, due to the odd shape and size of the liquefier box, originally brought on site by a rail car.