The rise of importance and consumption of industrial gases in Eastern Europe continues to increase, as underlined at the Eighth International Seminar held in the region by the Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers of Industrial Gases (UA-SIGMA) in recent months.

Taking place in Odessa during October 2007, the seminar attracted over 130 esteemed delegates from different companies and countries across the globe including Russia, Ukraine, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and France.

A wide range of individuals from the various echelons of the industrial gases community participated in the event, the largest number comprised of those who maintain air separation plants and produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gases. Air separation plant manufacturers were also represented, as were the manufacturers of other such equipment and those also engaged in the gases business in some capacity.

Topics for discussion during the seminar included the increasing demand for industrial gases in the Eastern Europe region and both the problems and technologies associated with the region’s business, while new members such as Technex’s executive director Igor Voronin were accepted into the association. Other topics for discussion and exploration included manufacture and operation of new air separation plants and products, the development of new technology and innovations, quality, maintenance and safety practices and a whole host of related subjects from luminaries representing Cryogenmash, Technex, Air Liquide Engineering and Services Ukraine, Herose and Iceblick among others.