The gases industry is given an early New Year warning in the name of safety, with the news that a dissolved acetylene plant in Huizhou city of Guangdong province in China was burnt to ashes at the end of 2019.

The incident at the end of November saw the explosion of a cylinder on the filling deck, as well as subsequent explosions at the site.

No injuries or casualties were reported at the time of the incident, the reason for which was not yet known.

gasworld understands the explosion was the latest in a series of such incidents in China, with three explosions related to acetylene reported in 2018, in July, early August and November.

In the July 2018 case, an acetylene plant in a cement plant in Jinchang city of Gansu province in China exploded, leading to four deaths and two injuries. Maintenance work carried out on the carbide sludge warehouse was cited.

One worker was found dead and one injured as a result of the August 2018 incident, when maintenance work on an acetylene storage drum in a factory in Jiangyou city (Sichuan province) was cited. It was reported that the work was not carried out according to regulations and regular work practice.

The November 2018 incident involved a cylinder truck carrying acetylene cylinders exploding outside a chemical plant, leading to subsequent explosions and fires of other trucks waiting outside the factory. The accident caused 23 deaths and 22 injuries.

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