Over 50 companies attended the distributor meeting held by BOC for its nationwide network of independent distributors.

The 43rd annual meeting was held last month in Barbados. The 240 BOC and distributor attendees spent three days reviewing BOC's distributor strategies, specifically the 'Focus on Your Growth' programme. Safety principles were also a focal point, as well as targeted skills training and networking.

Kevin Baudhuin, president of BOC's Industrial and Special Products, North America business, said: 'BOC spends a lot of time throughout the year listening to our distributors and aligning our resources to respond to their needs. Our value-added offerings, such as bulk sales training, safety awareness, ADA and merger and acquisition assistance put us far ahead of our competitors with regards to growing their business.

Focus on growth

'The time we spend with our distributors at our annual meeting gives us an opportunity for feedback and discussion about how these offerings are working, and also gives distributors an opportunity to learn from each other.'

BOC presented its Steuben Eagle awards to three distributors that had the highest percentage of gases growth during 2005. The recipients were: US Gas, Crumpton Welding Supply and Equipment, and Wilson Welding and Medical Gases.

Terry Hall, vice president of BOC's independent distributor business, said: 'Each year we achieve significant gas growth with all of our distributors. Of these, several achieve outstanding growth and give us the opportunity to recognize them before their peers. Whether it's investing in capital to gain new accounts or investing in training their people to find applications at existing or new accounts, their great work leads to a win for BOC and its distributor partners.'

The meeting also featured presentations on general business issues and growth opportunities from distributors Indiana Oxygen Company and S.J Smith Co. Additionally, Keith Harrell, a renowned motivational speaker spoke about the power of having a positive attitude in everything you do.