Praxair Surface Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Praxair Inc, has announced the completion of a major expansion in its Indianapolis-based ceramic coating facility, which is used to coat aircraft engine components for General Electric (GE).

Representatives from Praxair Surface Technologies and GE–Aviation attended a commissioning ceremony at the facility, where the capacity has been expanded by over 50%.

Using GE licensed technology Praxair Surface Technologies is now supplying increased volumes of Electron Beam – Physical Vapour Deposited ceramic coatings which provide state-of-the-art thermal barrier protection to critical engine components.

“We’re very pleased to have expanded our long-standing relationship with GE by making this additional investment in EB-PVD ceramic coatings,” said Mark Gruninger, President of Praxair Surface Technologies.

“Advanced ceramic coatings are an important part of the future of aircraft engines and it’s clear that GE’s technology will continue to enable considerable improvement in engine performance.”

“Over the last 15 years Praxair Surface Technologies has successfully commercialised the EB-PVD coating technology and grown their capacity to meet GE Aviation needs for both new products and fielded repairs,” said Bill Fitzgerald, Vice President and General Manager of Global Operations for GE Engine Services.

Praxair Surface Technologies also provides GE–Aviation and other GE business with various other coatings and materials from its operations around the world.