Electronics Manufacturer Falcon Analytical has introduced a new mobile system for its CALIDUSTM Ultrafast gas chromatograph (GC) technology, enabling a transportable GC analysis platform and delivering laboratory quality GC on the move.

The new CALIDUS Mobile GC System has been designed to make difficult or impossible analytical GC possible and practical in the field. The shock mounted system features a lab-like performance and can operate from any vehicle fitted with a 250 AMP alternator.

Operating at 70 pounds per square inch gauge (psig), the flame ionization detector (FID) and carrier gas generator supplies 99.9% purity hydrogen (H2) at up to 250ml per minute, as well as including an air compressor allowing calibration and measurements to commence in minutes from onsite arrival.

The mobile, compact, and low weight transportable platform can be configured with any CALIDUS model and is applicable to all sample types in either gas or liquid phase.

The CALIDUS Mobile GC System is ideally suited for use in applications such as pipeline interface detection, environmental emissions monitoring and transportable product authentication.