Connector and valve manufacturer FasTest, Inc. has added another distributor to its growing network.

The US-based business has partnered with fellow American company JB Industries to expand the aftermarket coverage and presence of its CoreMax Tool.

The CoreMax is a rapid charge and evacuation system for refrigerants that replaces traditional tubes and valves with a removable, high-flow processing valve. FasTest has been manufacturing its CoreMax access valve for refrigeration manufacturers for the past 15 years.

storage distribution concept

The system is ultimately designed to allow service technicians to evacuate, charge and reclaim faster than with a conventional Schrader type valve and associated tooling.

FasTest believes that its new partnership with national distributor JB Industries will help to provide service technicians in the field with FasTest’s tools for the CoreMax system.

As Joe Flaherty, National Sales Manager of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeraion (HVAC-R) at FasTest, underlined, “We believe that partnering with the trusted name of JB Industries will allow FasTest to quickly introduce our line of service tools to technicians in the field and ultimately make their job more simple and efficient.”

Q&A: FasTest’s partnering process and plans for 2017

Illinois-based JB Industries, founded in 1967, is a manufacturer of American made HVAC-R tools and instruments. Initially supplying manifolds, hoses and brass fittings, the company soon expanded to add third party vacuum pumps. Later, the company began manufacturing vacuum pumps and fittings and built out its empire, enhancing both its product line and in-house manufacturing capabilities.

FasTest added Innovative Fluid Power, Fluid Specialties and Flow Dynamics and Automation as new distribution partners to its portfolio in November 2016.