Now past 30 years in fabricating quick test connectors and valves for manufacturing, HVAC-R and compressed gases, FasTest, Inc., has incorporated new SMART Technology for its standard CGA-580 connectors.

Each connector with the technology integrated has color-change LED lights to indicate successful connection: red means fully disconnected, orange partially connected, and green fully connected.

“We created this technology to make the filling process safer and more efficient for operators using our CGA connectors,” said Matthew Nolting, Compressed Gas National Sales Manager.

“We believe our SMART technology will revolutionize the filling process and we look forward to continuing to incorporate the technology into our wide range of connectors for the gas filling industry.”

SMART Technology can accomodate automated or manual filling processes. Each connector uses an electrical output signal to relay connection status to a hub device that compiles the status of each individual connector, which then analyzes each input and only allows the operator to begin the filling process once all connections have been properly made.