FasTest, Inc. introduces CryoVent, a new quick connection tool for easy ventilation of liquid cylinders.

CryoVent is designed to improve environmental safety while reducing noise during liquid cylinder filling and application use. Engineered with a durable construction, and an ergonomic push-to-connect actuation, CryoVent quickly connects to liquid gas cylinder pressure relief valves. Upon connection, gas is piped away to a safe location. The CryoVent allows users to instantly connect the filling cylinder to a vent line to funnel sound and gas to the outside atmosphere.

Dustin Sirny, Director of Advanced Technologies & Markets, FasTest, Inc., said, “CryoVent is a unique connection tool that improves environmental conditions for liquid cylinder filling and applications.”

Aimed at improving customer work conditions, CryoVent simplifies connections for filling and using liquid cylinders in medical labs, hospitals, and the increasingly popular Cryosaunas.

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