FasTest, Incintroduces the HPG580, a new quick connection tool for efficient filling of specialty gas cylinders.

Many facilities have a difficult time meeting demand for specialty gas cylinders. Most facilities use inefficient twist-on fittings because legacy quick connectors will not hold a leak-tight seal under the extreme vacuum levels required during the high-purity filling process. FasTest’s new vacuum optimised HPG580 quick connector solves this problem.

The HPG580 was designed with vacuum optimised internal geometry that allows for reliable filling and a setup process that is 90% faster than using twist-on fittings. The 1x10-9sccm helium vacuum leak rate maintains seal down to 30 micron.

“Our goal was to create a connection tool that would help our customers deliver at least one extra specialty gas batch per day” said Dustin Sirny, Director of Advanced Technologies & Markets, FasTest, Inc.

“By delivering an extra batch per day, the new HPG 580 tool can help fill plants increase annual specialty gas revenue by over a million dollars,” Sirny added.

Source: FasTest, Inc.