Fluid Components International (FCI) has showcased the suitability of its ST100 Series and MT100 Series thermal flow meters for engineers responsible for designing, installing and operating thermal oxidiser systems to remove harmful hazardous pollutants.

FCI’s ST100 series thermal flow meter feature single- or dual-point thermal dispersion technology, combining precision flow sensors with feature- and function-rich electronics.

The meters are ideal for use with thermal oxidiser solutions and offer a fast response, excellent repeatability and require virtually no maintenance due to them having no moving parts.

FCI’s MT100 thermal flow meters are an insertion type, multipoint instrument designed for complex thermal oxidiser systems, such as those with larger diameter pipes, flues, or rectangular ducts.

These applications are difficult for ordinary flow meters because of distorted flow profiles and lack of straight run, which can lead to inaccurate and non-repeatable flow measurement. 

The MT100 meters places up to eight flow sensing points in the flow sensing points in the flow stream and averages them, resulting in highly accurate and repeatable flow management rate.


Source: FCI