The ST100 Series Thermal Flow Meter, from Fluid Components International (FCI), provides precision carbon dioxide (CO2) gas mass flow measurement in a highly reliable and fully HazEx agency approved no-moving parts instrument.


The ST100 Series Thermal Flow Meter

Traditional drilling production technologies typically fail to recover all of the oil in a production field. Multiple industry sources have stated that EOR technologies such as COinjection can deliver up to 25% more production volume. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), COis particularly useful as a gas in EOR operations because it is miscible – meaning that it is capable of mixing with oil underground into a fluid, which can then be “floated” to the surface with water.

The accurate measurement of COgas flow and pressure is critical to the success of the EOR process. In addition, accurate flow measurement is important for the efficient separation of the oil, natural gas, COgas and water components. The separated COgas and water components are then re-used to recover more oil. Accurately measuring the flow and pressure of the COgas is not only critical to the extraction process, but also helps reduce costs.

The ST100 Series Flow Meter can be calibrated to measure COgas and dozens of other specialty gases, as well as the mixed dirty or wet gases common in the EOR separation and re-pressurisation applications. Featuring a sophisticated thermal dispersion technology air/gas flow sensor design with optional pressure measurement, the ST100 meter combines repeatable measurement with feature-and-function-rich electronics. It provides direct gas mass flow measurement and requires no additional sensors or flow calculating devices. The instrument’s no-moving parts design also virtually eliminates wear, breakage and maintenance.

The ST100 meter’s electronics include a user selectable and programmable data logger; utilises constant power thermal mass flow sensing technology that measures flow with 100:1 turndowns in ranges from 0.006 to 1850 SCFM [0.01 to 3140 NCMH]; and is agency approved for hazardous environment installations.