Norwegian-based Felleskjøpet has placed an order for 50 Nikola Tre trucks so it can halve CO2 emissions from its transport by 2030.

The reserved trucks are one of several measures Felleskjøpet has taken to reduce the company’s emissions. The Nikola Tre™ is a hydrogen-electric truck specially developed for the European market.

“Access to good zero emission options for the heaviest trucks is fully in line with the environmentally friendly development we want in Felleskjøpet,” said Halfdan Blytt, Director of Production and Supply of Good in Felleskjøpet.

“We aim to half our emissions related to transport and have for a long time worked with alternatives such as HVO, gas and biogas. This will give us solutions that can contribute in the short term. But it is only electricity and hydrogen that can provide completely CO2-netural solutions,” continued Blytt.

The Nikola Tre is already popular in the Norwegian market and across Europe. The company received reservations totalling to NOK 3.2bn in Europe two weeks after the truck launch.

“We are investing heavily with 50 reservations from the start. With such a large reservation we want to show which direction we want to go in the future,” said Blytt.

When Felleskjøpet replace its 50 regular diesel trucks for the new Nikola Tre trucks, the company’s emission reduction will total to roughly 7,000 tonnes of CO2 annually, the equivalent to 15% of the its annual emissions.

The Nikola Tre truck is set to be unveiled at Nikola World in Phoenix, Arizona on 16th April 2019.