FGEN LNG Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Gen Corporation, is exploring the viability of developing small-scale LNG solutions at the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP), located in the Calabarzon industrial region south of Manila.

If successful FPIP, currently one of the largest and fastest-growing industrial parks in the Philippines, could receive LNG via trucks and specialised insulated containers from FGEN LNG’s Interim Offshore LNG Terminal, located at the First Gen Energy Complex in Batangas City.

The project will also allow FGEN LNG to bring in a floating storage and regasification unit on an interim basis, accelerating the introduction of LNG to the Philippines by as early as Q3 2022, to serve the natural gas requirements of existing and future gas-fired power plants.

FGEN LNG said it will focus on developing the small-scale LNG solutions in two phases.

As part of the first phase, both FGEN LNG and FPIP will assess the introducing of small-scale LNG to the industrial park and will identify a suitable site that can accommodate a satellite LNG receiving, storage, and regasification facility.

In the second phase, FGEN LNG will look to bring LNG to other islands in the Philippines using small-scale LNG carriers.

Jonathan Russell, Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer of First Gen, said, “We are excited to democratise the use of natural gas in the Philippines using new technology to create small-scale LNG opportunities in the Philippines by taking LNG supplied in bulk in large LNG carriers to the project and delivering it in small quantities to new industrial, commercial, and remote customers that have so far been unable to access natural gas due to the large investment and undertaking required to construct traditional gas infrastructure, such as transmission pipelines.”

“We look forward to working with FPIP to realise the first step which will be to connect the Project and FPIP via a ‘virtual pipeline’ utilising specialized ISO containers and trucks to supply LNG to meet the needs of new and existing locators at this prime location.” 

Francis Giles B. Puno, President of First Philippine Industrial Park and President and Chief Operating Officer of First Philippine Holdings, added, “Several existing and potential new locators have expressed keen interest in using LNG and natural gas directly for various manufacturing process applications, and indirectly in the form of reliable, flexible, environmentally-responsible power.”

“The commercial supply of LNG by FGEN from the FGCEC is consistent with FPIP’s commitment to strengthening its position as the country’s premier industrial park and manufacturing-centred community by introducing innovative solutions to its locators.”