FIBA Technologies, Inc. (FIBA) has successfully manufactured seamless, steel, ASME-coded pressure vessels that are the highest pressure and largest capacity of their kind.

FIBA said: $quot;In the past, length and forging limitations were the limiting factors in determining the storage capacity of these high-pressure vessels. However, FIBA's new, state-of-the-art, pressure vessel manufacturing facility utilizes specially designed equipment needed to manufacture a higher capacity tube.$quot;

At an operating pressure of more than 8,000-psi, these tubes are geared for the growing hydrogen fueling station market, as well as industrial gas storage applications where high-pressure and fast-filling are desired. The introduction of this product is an intermediate step toward FIBA's development of an ultra-high, pressure vessel, which will provide the optimum pressures that will ultimately be required by the hydrogen re-fueling industry.