Due to significant increased global and domestic demand for its products, FIBA Technologies Inc. has announced the expansion of its Millbury production facilities to increase production capacity for seamless steel pressure vessels and more developments to look ahead to in future months.

FIBA is also taking steps to improve the flow of its manufacturing processes in order to streamline operations, such that efficiency is improved and lead times are reduced.

The company has expanded its manufacturing operations to occupy an additional building on adjacent property and furthermore, an addition to its existing pressure vessel manufacturing facility is planned for early this spring, while it has also secured property adjoining this facility to accommodate the storage of raw pipe materials to meet the increased production output.

Additionally, FIBA has expanded some production operations to 3 shifts.

As part of its planned growth, the Principles of Lean Manufacturing, which are taught to all FIBA employees, have been implemented and have resulted in both a reduction of waste and costs and an increase in output and productivity.

FIBA serves industrial and specialty gas and chemical companies that use intermodal, high-pressure gas and cryogenic products globally and is this year celebrating 50 years of business.