FIBA Technologies Inc has refurbished its Louisville, Kentucky service centre and re-opened the four bay facility as a focus for the company’s test, repair and maintenance business.

Source: FIBA

The 35,000 sq. ft. facility was originally bought by FIBA in the late 1970s and has undergone a comprehensive refit project over the last three months. The site is used for the repair, renovation and requalification of high pressure trailers and assemblies, and also performs cryogenic product testing and repairs.

FIBA Sales Director, Chris Finn, oversaw the project and said, “We have renovated and restored our Kentucky site and expanded its capabilities to meet a growing demand for repair and requalification across the board for high pressure products.”

FIBA’s Louisville facility is also home to FIBA’s growing vaporiser manufacturing subsidiary, FinnCo.

FinnCo recently completed a move into a fully-refurbished 10,000 sq ft facility in Louisville, Kentucky and is ramping up its manufacturing capabilities to produce a full range of ambient vaporisers to meet a rapidly-growing demand.

FinnCo engineers and manufactures a complete line of low-pressure, high-pressure and pressure-building ambient vaporisers which operate with cryogenic tanks made by FIBA and other tank manufacturers.

Finn added, “The increase in demand for vaporisers across the United States – as well as in South American and the Caribbean – is partly driven by the urgent medical fight against the Covid pandemic, which employs vaporisers for treatment. Our increased production capabilities are also motivated by the requirements of various industrial customers to have faster access to these key products.The expansion and renovation of the Louisville site is a major step forward for FinnCo which is establishing itself as a key national and international supplier of ambient vaporisers. Our priorities now are to manufacture for stock to then ship out across Kentucky and Ohio.”