The VW Lingyu, Volkswagen’s hydrogen fuel-cell Passat, will be showcased on 21st-30th November 2008 at the Los Angeles auto show.

The hydrogen-powered Lingyu, based on Volkswagen Passat Lingyu, was manufactured by Shanghai VW on its latest fuel cell powertrain platform.

The eco-friendly Lingyu achieves zero emissions, releasing only water as a by-product of the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen that powers the car.

With VW Shanghai’s continued innovation and development, both safety and performance have been improved with a top speed of 150kmh and capable of running for more than 300km without the need for re-charging.

VW Shanghai’s parent company, SIAC has also developed a zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell model of Chevrolet Equinox with global partner, General Motors.

In addition, General Motors has revealed the Cadillac Provoq concept vehicle at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.
However, Vice-President for environment, energy and safety policy, Beth Lowery, said of the car, $quot;At the moment, it is only a concept vehicle, and nothing more.$quot;
Lowery added that the automotive industry can no longer rely primarily on oil to provide its energy needs, and biofuels and the electrification of mass produced cars are some of the solutions to rising oil prices and environmental concerns.