FIBA Technologies Inc. is this year celebrating its 50th year of business and a distinguished history to date in the field of gas distribution and storage equipment supplies.

Since its inception by Frank Finn, Sr. in 1958 as a small, family-owned business distributing medical supplies to hospitals, FIBA has emerged as one of the foremost suppliers of gas distribution and storage equipment in its industry. Today, over 250 employees are located in 4 plants around the country, while technical innovation and product quality have become known as the hallmarks of FIBA and have led to the company’s impressive growth.

FIBA serves industrial and specialty gas and chemical companies that use intermodal, high-pressure gas and cryogenic products globally and in commemoration of its landmark 50 years in business, the company featured in the US’ Worcester Business Journal (Worcester, MA) with a 15-page magazine insert as a celebration of its history and growth.