Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH has acquired the Carbo-V® Technology of the insolvent Choren Industries GmbH, Freiberg from the insolvency administrator Dr Bruno M Kübler

Jörg Linsenmaier, Managing Director of Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH, commented on post acquisition plans. He said, “In the future we plan to offer the Carbo-V® Technology as licensor and also as an engineering and contracting company for commercial projects on a strongly growing market.”

Carbo-V® Technology operates a multi-stage gasification process. The first part of th process sees biomass converted to biocoke and carbonisation gas in a Low Temperature Gasifier (LTG). The second stage comprises the partial oxidation of the carbonisation gas take place in a High Temperature Gasifier (HTG). Thereafter the biocoke is blown into the hot gas stream of HTG. After suitable pre-conditioning, the synthesis gas produced may be subsequently processed to ‘green’ products. For example, second generation biofuel, such as biodiesel.

According to a recent press statement from Linde the company was enthused by future prospects: “It is possible that wood and wood-based biomass, that can already be produced in an environmentally friendly way will be used as feedstock for the gasification process.”

The acquisition incorporates all associated patents and trademarks. At this stage neither party have disclosed the purchase price.