The German industrial gas company, Messer GmbH has concluded a supply contract with Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH.

Messer recently concluded a supply contract with Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH in Ihringen. The agreement ensured the supply of gas mixtures for exhaust gas testing in cylinders as well as 6,000 custom-made pressure cans and associated fittings.

Messer, the largest privately managed industrial gases specialist, has been supplying Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH, since October. Hella Gutmann is a manufacturer of diagnostic instruments for motor vehicles, with the Lambda Mix A1 for calibrating and testing exhaust gas measuring instruments.

Moving forwards, the new supply deal will see some 6,000 one-litre aluminium pressure cans produced each year. Distributed with both company labels, the cans will be sold through the Hella Gutmann Solutions catalogue.

Hella Gutmann Solutions GmbH is a joint venture between automotive supplier Hella and Gutmann Messtechnik. The company has been making use of its pooled expertise and synergies since 2008 and is a partner to garages and workshops.