LINDE\\$quot;s Finnish subsidiary AGA claims it is the market leader in the industrial gases on-site supply market in Finland.

The subsidiary recently opened its 12th on-site plant in the city of Hämeenlinna, which is about 100 kilometres from the capital of Helsinki.

The company said: \\$quot;On-site supply is the industrial gases\\$quot; fastest growing area and this market segment\\$quot;s business activity figures are double compared to the industry\\$quot;s average.\\$quot;

The latest on-site nitrogen plant, which was set up at Rautaruukki Corporation\\$quot;s facility, was delivered by AGA\\$quot;s parent company Linde. The new plant is fully automatic and it\\$quot;s remotely controlled from the company\\$quot;s Avesta remote control centre based in Sweden.

The value of the long-term nitrogen supply contract is about five million euros.

AGA\\$quot;s marketing director, Pauli Toiviainen, said: \\$quot;The on-site supply business segment has been growing due to a fact that other industries have rapidly increased their needs of usage of industrial gases.

\\$quot;Also, producing gas on-site saves in energy costs because we don\\$quot;t have to pressurise, liquefy or transport it. For example the new Hämeenlinna nitrogen plant reduces the need of transporting gas approximately worth of one delivery truck a day.\\$quot;