Beijing Sinoscience Fullcryo (also known as Fuhaicryo), a subsidiary of China Academy of Sciences, has recently signed an agreement with Korean company Vitzrotech to supply a 4.5K large-scale helium refrigerator to Korean National Nuclear Fusion Reaction Institute (NFRI).

As the first set of large-scale helium cryogenic equipment to be supplied to the overseas market from China, this is a milestone for Fullcryo as well as the China cryogenic equipment industry. 


The equipment will be used for the cooling of the cold plate of the condensation pump of the modification project of the neutral beam injector (NBI) of the KSTAR system of NFRI, to ensure the Tokamak NBI system achieve and maintain the ultra high vacuum.

After the ceremony, representatives from the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of China Academy of Sciences (TIPC), Fullcryo, and Vitzrotech discussed the progress of the research and development of TIPIC’s large-scale cryogenic system, the progress of NFRI-NBI2 project, and the plan and details of the implementation of the agreement. They also explored the applications and development of large-scale cryogenic systems on nuclear fusion and related fields, looking forward to more cooperation in the future.